Site Owner Enrollment Process

Signing Up for Your Print Money Account

Once you’ve installed the Print Money or Print Foto Money plugin you’ll want to sign up for a dotPhoto account that will receive the money the photos on your WordPress website earn for you.

To sign up, go to your Dashboard menu on the left and click on the Print Money entry. Once there you will see a “Create your DotPhoto Account” link at the top. Click on the link to begin the straight-forward creation process.

In this Dashboard entry you can also learn more about the Print Foto Money Plugin and how to configure it to meet your needs.


Clicking on the Create link will take you to the dotPhoto Join Page below where you’ll be able to sign up for your FREE Print Money Account. DotPhoto will use this account to hold and keep track of the money you earn from the Print Foto Money products sold through your WordPress website.


After you fill in the fields above and click the Sign Up button you will be taken to the MyAccount screen below where you will be welcomed and where you can tell dotPhoto how to pay you by clicking “Pay Me” in the Selling Your Photos section of the page.


After you click Pay Me you can use the following screen to tell us where to send your Print Money earnings. You’ll also learn about dotPhoto’s payment schedules and review the way your sales income is calculated. There’s lots more you can do on the My Account area of the dotPhoto website and it all begins when you set up your account. Please recognize that we need either your Social Security Number or Tax ID so we can report income above $1,500 in a year to the IRS. This information is stored in a private and inaccessible data storage location in concert with PCI requirements. We normally pay by check but other arrangements can be made.



Once you save the form information above you will be taken to the screen below which allows you to set your own pricing. Note that you can accept the default pricing now and as you become more familiar with the process come back at any time to make changes.


At the bottom of the above screen you will click to accept the choices you have made and be taken to the screen below where you name your plan. Note that when we set up the account in the screen below we accepted the default pricing plan and did not turn on Custom Pricing. The default name “Account Plan” is then assigned to our plan. If we create custom pricing in the future we can assign that plan a name of our choosing.


Once you reach this page you’re ready to start earning money! Please call or email us with any questions.

How to Check your Account for Earnings

On your WordPress Dashboard you will see a Print Money or Print Foto Money menu item on the left hand menu like the one in the screen below.


Once you click on the Print Foto Money menu item you’ll be taken to the Print Foto Money Plugin page. Once on that page you click “view your earnings” here or scroll down…



until you reach the View/Withdraw Your Earnings link in the PrintMoney Stats section.


You can then Sign In to check your earnings.

SignIntoCheckYourAccount (2)

Now you’ll know how your Print Foto Money equipped WordPress website is helping you to increase your income.